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  living together with earth

Living with Earth is what we all do everyday. The Life with Earth, a blog. is about living together with Earth based on our experiences transitioning to constructive ways of Life. We will also be sharing things we enjoy with the hope you'll enjoy and learn something helpful in the process.

Hello friend! Welcome to Earth We Live With. The information you'll find here is intended to provide you with simple things we can do to help us live together with the Earth. I hope you'll find many things that interest you and that make this a nice place to stay. If there are things here you like, please share them with others. Also, share them with the Earth We Live With.

We are currently organizing our website and content so it can be presented in ways that are enjoyable and informative. Be on the look out for the "Simple Things We Can Do To Help Us" in the weeks to come and look for us on social media. We'll be posting simple things there as well.

Green Kitchen Stories


  • Save the Children4:02
  • Young Nation4:40
  • The Tale of Mr. Morton4:05
  • Taking Chances2:24
  • Oh, Vida3:29
  • Freedom3:26
  • Every Step of the Way9:01

Invest in childhood today  save the children


Helping Us. Change, Happening Now are the changes happening that improve things around the Earth. Thank You to all the beings and organizations that have decided to do something to make things better. We can all help. There is something all of us can do. Let's work together to discover, do, and share the things that are Helping Us change now.